Spancrete Palmachim Ltd

Spancrete Palmachim is the largest manufacture of pre starched hollow core beams  

In Israel and all the middle east   



IES Group holds one of Israel’s leading manufacturers of pre-cast concrete products for the construction industry. Spancrete Palmachim products are used for fast and efficient construction of infrastructure projects, offices, commercial and residential buildings.

Spancrete Palmachim is the largest producer of precast pre-stressed hollow core slabs in Israel. The company plant is located near Kibbutz Palmachim at the Palmachim industrial park, at the center of Israel. The company has a large production site with expansion capabilities.
Such location, in the center of Israel, near the most active building and construction areas, provides the company a leading location advantage.
 As transportation is relatively expensive, the location also gives the company an important advantage of being able to compete on projects all over the country.

In addition for hollow core slabs, the company also produces a whole variety of other precast concrete elements like beams, columns, wall-panels etc.

Most of the managers and engineers have been with the company for 20-25 years and they are a major factor of its success.
Long term relations between the company and its subcontractors for also contribute to its excellent field performance and responsibility.
As a whole, the company is considered to be the best in the industry for both production and logistic services.
Know how, experience & facilities enable the company to cope successfully with many projects simultaneously.
Hundreds of clients, thousands of buildings all over the country, and the use of the word “Spancrete” to define all kinds of hollow core slabs are all strong evidence of the significant role of the company in the building industry.

Spancrete Palmachim is looking to expand its product portfolio via joint ventures and other business collaborations. 


 The company management is always at your disposal.


  Shalom Malka – Managing director.

                          Daniel Amar – Marketing manager.